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Set of 5 - Clear Acrylic Pedestal Risers & Floor Standing - Transparent Acrylic Display Boxes with Interchangeable Lid and Base - 12", 16", 24", 32", 40"

Item Number: PROP_BOX_001_SET_CLR

$193.99 Sale Price (Only $38.79 each Display Box)
$239.99 Retail Price

1 Qty: Set of 5 Acrylic Display Boxes - 12"|16"|24"|32"|40"
Material: Plastic
Color: Clear
Height: 12"|16"|24"|32"|40"
Each Box Width: 10.5"
Each Lid Size: 11" L x 11" W x .75" lip 
Top and Bottom lids are interchangeable
Each Panel Thickness: 1/8"
Each Box Comes in 6 separate pieces
Assembly Required:  Yes
Reusable, Collapsible and Easy to clean
All sizes are approximate measurements

Item Includes:

  • Set of 5 Different Sizes boxes
  • Assembly Instructions
  • 84 clear zipties - 4.75" long
  • 84 clear silicone (flexible stretchy) ties - 6" long
Need to remove protective plastic film before use

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Showcase True Colors:

For the decorations and accessories that are too attractive to be covered, we present our crystal-clear acrylic plastic display boxes that will showcase the true colors and festive flair of your radiant decorations in the most transparent manner. Whatever you place in these see-through boxes, will have its elegance and sophistication augmented manifold.

Centerpiece Display:

Featuring crystal clear plastic construction in a classy box shape with a transparent interchangeable lid and bottom, these clear boxes make an elegant choice for Centerpiece Display, Flower Arrangement, Candle or LED Décor, Card Box, Floor Decor, and anything else that needs to be highlighted in a whimsical manner. With an interchangeable Lid and Base, you have the liberty to create DIY accents in a variety of heights and dimensions.

Multipurpose & Versatile:

Multipurpose and versatile, these clear acrylic pedestal risers can be used for anything and everything; showcase your scrumptious desserts and cakes, create a dazzling display of colorful blooms and succulents, exhibit eye-catching candle decorations, or pack sweet gifts to impress your guests and loved ones. Sturdy plastic construction and delicate transparency make these contemporary boxes an ideal choice for dreamlike decorations that are surely OUT OF THE BOX!


Additional Information:

  • Max weight holds on top of the box: 55-60LB
  • Easy to disassemble for storage
  • Can wipe with a lightly damp cloth
  • Extra ties are given. Do not need to use all ties, can use either.
  • Holes are 1/2cm diameter.
  • Perfect for Centerpiece Display in weddings, baby showers, parties, bakeries, graduation parties, and holidays.
  • All sizes are approximate measurements
  • Note: Order is only for Box. Accessories Not Included
  • How to Care: Cleaning acrylic boxes should consist of wipe-cleaning with a soft rag or cloth while using a non-abrasive cleaner. For light stains or debris, you can also use canned air or clean water with a microfiber cloth. You should never use window cleaners, cleaning solvents with ammonia, or other chemical sprays as they can scratch or damage your acrylic products.


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