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Set of 8 | 13" Clear Acrylic Crystal Garland Strand | Octagonal Beaded Chains

Item Number: ACRY_CHAIN001_CLR

Set of 8 | 13
Set of 8 | 13
Set of 8 | 13
Set of 8 | 13
Set of 8 | 13
Set of 8 | 13
Set of 8 | 13
Set of 8 | 13
Set of 8 | 13
Set of 8 | 13
Set of 8 | 13
Set of 8 | 13
$4.39 Sale Price
$6.99 Retail Price

1 Qty: 8 Crystal Chains
Material: Acrylic
Color: Clear
Style: Octagonal
Each Chain Length: 13"
Crystals per chain: 16
Crystal Bead Size: 0.5"
Crystal Teardrop Size: 0.75cm x 0.63cm
Total Crystals: 128
Each crystal Bead separated by a 1cm round connecting chain
Beautiful ornaments for chandelier, wish trees, ceiling light, candalabra , wedding decoration and DIY Craft projects etc
Crystal strands are held together by metal rings, which make is easy to adjust strands to be as long or short as you need them to be.
Note: Order is for acrylic garlands only, other decorating supplies not included.
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

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Acrylic Diamond Strings

Bring sparkling flickers of ethereal sheen into your party space with these Acrylic Chains of crystal gems dangling mystically from your decorations, crafts, and favors. The seamless glint and twinkling appearance of these acrylic diamond strings will add a super doze of glimmer and shimmer into your lackluster décor.

Octagonal Faceted Acrylic

Crystal clear octagonal faceted acrylic crystals are strung in sturdy chains to give you a truly magical embellishment for imbuing an enticing elegance to your space. Attach these faceted crystal strings to photo frames or lampshades to impart them a shiny, affluent finish. These glinting gem garlands of splendid sparkles are ideal for party decorations, favor adornment, wedding embellishments, dress designing, and other arts and crafts that need a little sprucing up.

Luxurious Look

Swathe these around your favors, gifts, or vases for a swish display of elegance and beauty. Suspend from Manzanita branches, Christmas trees, and luminous lace lanterns, foil balloons, or wrap around your roman pillars, arches, vases, and centerpieces. For a pure luxurious look, dangle them from the backdrop stands with LEDs and fairy lights creating a perfect exhibit of illuminated jubilancy. These sparkling acrylic chains are a whimsical way of creating a little bit of shimmer, or a whole lot of BLING!



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