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Light The Way - 12pcs White LED Floralyte Vase Lights

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Twist it on and it lights things brilliantly. Whether you use for your own decorative needs in various shaped centerpiece vases or give it to your treasured friends, this LED light is both portable, useful and of course, loveable.

Fun to use when simply taking a break or when youve hit the wall thinking about something, the bright light most definitely mesmerizes in a way that is relaxing and enchanting. Tie it along with your keychain or cellphone and its more than helpful in the dark. But most of all, this is a Favor giveaway that your recipient will absolute not keep in a cabinet to gather dust --they will keep it with them all the time and it will Light The Way. brings you many ways to say EUREKA!
Size: Approx. 0.25x1.25" each LED
Quantity: 12 pcs per order
waterproof: Yes
Duration lighted: 8 hours

Note: order is for LED only, other decorating supplies not included