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100% Cotton Linen Collection

Your tablecloths are an integral part of your wedding decor. Several kinds of cloth table cover are available at in varying shapes, sizes, colors and material. Choose a table linen set that suits your specific requirements to make your banquet look beautiful.

While looking for tablecloths for wedding, you will find attractive designs in different materials - however, 100% cotton linen collection remains a popular choice. This is because of its soft texture and lasting durability. Our white Chambury Casa rectangle tablecloth is a classic choice for your rectangular head table – as it provides elegant sophistication effortlessly.  For your round dinner table, we offer our white 70” Chambury Casa round tablecloth that will leave enough space under the table for your guests to keep their feet comfortably. You may decide to cover your table completely with our white 120” Chambury Casa round tablecloth that will upgrade the appearance of your banquet instantly!

Our black 60” square tablecloth is a perfect choice if you are expecting possible spillages during the party – as the black color hides stains very well. Last but not least; you can never go wrong with our ivory square tablecloth – as it goes well with any kind of party decor!

We understand the importance of dining table cover for your grand soiree. At, we offer 100% cotton linen collection in different shades and sizes to suit any occasion. We strive to offer high-grade quality material in a wide range of colors so that you can use for several functions. Visit us and we are sure that you will never shop at any other site again!

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