Cake Stand & Riser

Cake Stand & Riser

The cutting of the wedding cake is a special tradition during the wedding. This is why choosing the right cake plateau becomes so crucial. It may be an intimate and small wedding or a lavish one – the cake display will always be important. The cake stand and cake riser for weddings are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. We can help you select the perfect tiered cake stand on which your wedding cake will look the best!

We offer a round cake stand that is perfect for wedding cakes of any shape. The 14” Rose Gold Embossed Round Cake Plateau will display your wedding cake with a little pizzazz. It is a piece of decoration itself that works well to bring out the beauty of your cake. We also offer a 22” Silver Embossed Round Cake Plateau that is sturdy enough to place a multi-tier cake without elevating it too high on the head table. You may also make use of the shiny gold color of the 18” Gold Embossed Round Cake Plateau to impart elegance to the entire setting.

We understand that you may be opting for square gold cake stand like our 14” Gold Embossed Square Cake Plateau if you wish to elevate your wedding cake slightly off the table besides adding a bit of sheen to the setting. We also offer the 22” Gold Embossed Square Cake Plateau as it is large enough to accommodate the wide cakes with ease. We are well aware that your cake table will be decorated with flowers, tulle, chiffon table dressing, and much more. This is why our Metal Geometric Cake Stand with Glass Top is an easy way to bring the wedding cake to the forefront on this table.

At, we believe in providing products made of high-grade material. They are ornate and durable enough to be used post the wedding celebrations for various other family functions. Visit our site to explore our wide range of dessert table stands products and add that special touch to your wedding! Create an impression by selecting the cake stand and cake riser that complements your wedding cake in the best possible way!

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