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3D Mosaic Wall Tiles

Give your walls and backdrops a stunning visual impact with our new Self- Adhesive 3D Brick Wall Sticker Panels. These 3d foam brick wall panels are made of a self-adhesive substrate topped with an eco-friendly highly flocking embossed texture. Their touchable textured brick-like surface offers customers an amazing strong visual effect. The attributes of “self-adhesive” and “pre-pasted” make the installation process quick, easy, and mess-free. Simply remove the adhesive backing, cut it in your desired shape and size with a pair of scissors, and apply it on any clean and sleek surface! And whoosh! these designer black peel and stick backsplash is all ready to flaunt your style statement!

Add lush luxury to each and every corner of your home or workspace with our stunning range of Modish 12x12 peel and stick backsplash. Each gorgeous tin peel and stick backsplash contains specially selected pieces of beveled glass reflective mirrors and fanciful glass mosaics. Together, these glitzy peel and stick penny tile impart an absolutely glamorous look and texture to your plain bathroom walls, kitchen walls, lobby, fireplace, and workspaces. Besides being highly modern and stylish, our 3d foam brick wall panels help in noise and temperature control as well as save your money on the professional application labor cost! These beauties make an ideal wall treatment for your featured walls, TV walls, sofa background, living room walls, bedroom walls, office walls, mirrors, closets, glasses, and any other smooth and clean surface!

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