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60x102" | 60x126" | 72x120" Rectangle

60" x 102" | 60" x 126" | 72" x 120"


Simply outfitting your party tables with plain polyester tablecloths is the perfect way to instantly set up a base for all your thematic tablescapes. Whether it’s a wedding party, birthday bash, anniversary celebration, or any other special occasion, our 60"x102" rectangle tablecloth with hemmed and serged edges will surely make your event table decorations a lot more refined and sleek.

Available in a plethora of colors and designs, these rectangle polyester party tablecloths are the epitome of convenience as they are highly durable, stain-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and on top of that, they are extremely affordable! If you are looking to add a little rustic texture to your tablescape but can’t stand the smell of natural burlap, choose our lovely natural-toned faux linen rectangle tablecloth to infuse a bucolic charm into your table decor. In case you want to imbue a backyard picnic vibe to your party, swathing our red and white checkered rectangular polyester tablecloth on your tables will bring in an authentic feel not to mention the charming and stylish appeal augmenting your overall event aesthetics. Whereas, picking universal-colored linens like our white polyester rectangle tablecloth or black polyester rectangle tablecloth has its own perks and can be used again and again for different kinds of events.

At efavormart, our prime focus is to provide high-end wedding linens at unbeatable prices to help you achieve your desired upscale look without breaking the bank. Check out our 60"x102" rectangle polyester tablecloth collection and grab your favorites to give an impeccable look to your event tables.

If you strive to impress your guests with sheer grace and elegance, our chic 60"x126" polyester tablecloths are a fine choice to turn your dull-looking party tables into sophisticated ones. With the gorgeous seamless design and sleek finishing, no other linen can hold a candle to our enticing polyester rectangle party tablecloth.

Whether you are planning a grand party or you just want to give a fresh new look to your home dining table, our top-notch rectangle tablecloths made from 100% polyester fabric will impart a suave crisp appeal to both your formal and informal table alike. Available in a wide array of colors and designs, pick a solid-colored rectangle banquet tablecloth to strike a perfect match with your riveting color scheme or complement your thematic decorations with our textured faux linen tablecloth for a stylish and cohesive allure. In case you are looking for chic designs to exhibit a charming flair, pair our green and white buffalo plaid rectangular polyester tablecloth with our red polyester napkins and chair covers to add a perky touch to your festive Christmas dinner tablescape. Alternatively, you can also opt for our red and white checkered rectangle tablecloth and accent it with green decorations to highlight the joyous Christmas spirit!

We understand that decorating an event that exudes class and panache is no child’s play. But with efavormart’s extensive range of cheap yet high-end polyester wedding tablecloths, dressing your tables to the nines is definitely a cinch. Visit us and grab rectangle table covers from our collection to see for yourself!

When it comes to decorating any tablescape, whether it’s for a formal dinner party or an informal luncheon with friends and family, our 72"x120" polyester tablecloths are a must-have to add a splash of elegance and flamboyance to your otherwise naked tables. Made from 100% polyester, these rectangle tablecloths are wrinkle-resistant and machine washable which makes them super-easy to handle and maintain.

Depending on whatever theme or style you choose for your event, you can rely on our extensive range of polyester rectangle wedding table covers that come with serged or hemmed edges to effortlessly achieve that sleek and neat look every time. While our imperial white rectangle tablecloth is an all-time classic choice for all kinds of events and parties, draping our unique charcoal gray polyester tablecloth or silver rectangular polyester tablecloth on your posh party tables will add a graceful and suave flair. However, if you’re looking to pep up your joyous celebrations, opt for our vibrant orangeredturquoise, and fushia-hued polyester tablecloths for your fiesta-themed party. Regardless of the color, you choose for your table linens, don’t forget to complement it with other matching polyester products, such as our polyester chair covers, napkins, chair sashes, and overlays to exude an enticing and cohesive allure.

We at Efavormart understand that table linens play a significant part in event decor. To this end, we offer premium high-quality rectangular polyester tablecloths at unbelievably low prices so that you don’t ever have to compromise on quality. Visit us and grab these crisp linens for that upscale look!

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