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If the mere thought of your expensive linens being ruined breaks your heart, you can wipe that frown away with our collection of polyester overlays. Crafted from top quality polyester, they will protect your linens from all those crumbs and stains, while complementing your table presentation with a touch of luxury – all at rock-bottom prices. What’s more, our polyester table overlays are only 70 inches long, meaning that they won’t hide your gorgeous tablecloth beneath!

Available in basic colors, our polyester overlays will complement any decoration scheme. If your table setting lacks light color hues, you can choose between our white polyester square tablecloth or ivory polyester tablecloth. At the same time, our black polyester square tablecloth or navy blue polyester square tablecloth will add some contrast to your light color palette.

Whether you’re planning an upscale wedding, a backyard party, a regular dinner with your family, or everything at the same time, don’t hesitate to consider our durable polyester table overlays that are perfect for multi-purpose uses!

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