Polyester Table Overlay

Polyester Overlays

If you’re planning a grand event and want to re-use your old tablecloths, but still want your table linens to look new, our collection of overlays is the best solution to tuck your worries away. Opt for our polyester overlays to stay within your budget without compromising on the ultimate glamorous look that you’ve planned for.

Our polyester overlays are available in various sizes to fit your table to perfection. If you’ve got a small table, opt from our 54" polyester overlays or 72" polyester overlays. For a bigger-size table, you can choose our 90" polyester overlays and place them on your round, square, or rectangle tables to take your décor to the next level. Planning a sophisticated and elite dinner for your guests? Nothing screams professional like a solid-colored polyester overlay atop a white or black tablecloth. Opt from our gorgeous collection of solid-colored polyester overlays to give your tablescape a modern and neat finish. If it’s a casual and fun event you have on your list to plan, we recommend our Slubby Textured Wrinkle Resistant Table Overlays that’ll bring a fun-filled twist to your table set-up. Together with our beautiful range of contemporary centerpieces, polyester napkins, and disposable tableware, our polyester overlays will bring a new sense of energy and playful elegance to your event.

While sometimes it seems impossible to find the perfect overlay for your table that can withstand heavy-duty events and can be used with any other tablecloths, efavormart has the ultimate solution to tuck your worries away with its durable and affordable polyester overlay collection. Browse through our collection to check out all our linens for yourself!

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