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85" Overlay

Does your dull-looking linens need a facelift? Or perhaps you’re looking for an 85’’ square tablecloth to dress up your table for an upcoming event? Whether it’s a shower, wedding, tea party, or birthday on the agenda, look no further than our budget-friendly 85-inch overlays!

If you love style that's out of the ordinary, then rejoice! Our huge collection is not all about those tired crystal organza overlays. Instead, we offer an extensive variety of fabrics and designs that are available in any color you could ever imagine! You can “texture” your plain-looking tablecloth with our rosette overlay for a look that’s beyond conventional. Meanwhile, those who are in love with sequins and organza at the same time can finally stop choosing between the two, breathe a sigh of relief, and use our gorgeous organza overlay with sequin circle designs that are more than just an ordinary sheer tablecloth or overlay. At the same time, the shimmer and glimmer of our sequin studded lace square overlay will be the perfect investment that can be used over and over again. 

Do these look exactly like what your table needs? Don’t hesitate to stop by our collection of 85’’ overlays and find out why the answer is a resounding “yes”!

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