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Backdrops and Props


Our double rod backdrop stand kit is perfect to use for backdrops or banners, for setting up peppy photo booths, and even for home and professional studio. This high quality double crossbar backdrop stand kit is perfectly suitable for all level photographers from professional to amateurs. This portable backdrop kit along with silver backdrop curtains can efficiently be used for both small and large groups, both in location and on studio due to its compact travel size and ease of setup that can effortlessly disassemble it and fit in a handy travel bag. Our multipurpose double rod backdrop stand kit can ideally be used for shooting at your preferred location because of portability, for portraits and interviews, and even for a mobile photography studio!

Romans ruled the world for a very long time and left unsurpassable assets for the entire world to cherish and benefit from, most important of which being architectural splendidness. Our plastic roman columns and pillars have never left their gloriousness and firm supremacy in contemporary construction. Our Roman Empire plastic wedding columns are specially designed with high quality plastic to bring the glorious touch of Roman architecture into your special events, Parties, imparting a Grand imperial touch to your decorations. Shop this roman columns for sale by your passage way or stage side, reminding of the past, decorate with our ivy garlands, pearl flowers, glitter accented leaves, ribbons, bows, or LEDs. Glam your events venue up with these triumphant plastic roman columns standing proud, bedazzling your guests with their exultancy!

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