Ceiling Kit & Drapes

Ceiling Kit & Drapes

You can add charm to your wedding with ceiling drapes that can add a breathtaking surreal effect to it! We offer elegant sheer fabric and various Ceiling Kit & Drapes to transform your plain venue into a luxurious party zone instantly. We provide wedding ceiling drapes that can be easily layered to provide you with intense blasts of color. In this way, our ceiling decorations for a wedding reception can transform the mood of your party and turn it into a grand event!

You can never go wrong with ceiling curtains, our white ceiling drapes have 4” pockets on both ends – to hang them from curtain rods and watch their cascading layers add a unique elegance to your function. Also, you may add a unique hue to your venue as our blush ceiling drapes filter the outside light pouring in and provide a mesmerizing effect! Enhance this effect with our black sheer curtain panels made of Voile type material - to provide an airy ambiance to the party setting.

We offer wedding drapery in varying lengths to match the height of your ceiling. You can opt for 20ft ceiling drapes, 30ft ceiling drapes, or 40ft ceiling drapes accordingly. Have them flowing down the complete height of the venue to the floor or fix them to the window panes at a height. Next, you may heighten the luxurious impact by tying them with a gold or silver ribbon.

At efavormart.com, we offer you abundant options of floor to ceiling curtains. Our sheer curtains are available in a host of sizes and colors. Visit our Ceiling Kit & Drapes collection to make your choice in accordance with your personal style and the theme of your celebration!

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