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Butterfly Wall Stickers

We understand that you would be looking for innovative options to make your wedding beautiful and spectacular. We offer butterfly wall stickers designs that you can use on your walls, ceilings, pillars, tables and chairs – to create a unique ambiance at your event. Besides looking real, these butterfly stickers for walls are easy to put on and remove – so that you can use them later for future events too!

Add a splash of color everywhere with our double wing butterflies. These 3D butterfly wall stickers are made from PVC plastic – making them light, bright, maintenance-free and dust-proof. Just put them on your walls and ceiling with the help of double tape. You may stick them on easily on your metallic pipes with magnet. Or else, simply pin them on to your table cloth and chair sashes and create an impression of beautiful butterflies fluttering around!

Our single wing butterflies will blend with your party theme effortlessly. Just place our butterfly wall stickers anywhere and see the place come alive! In fact, these butterfly wall stickers 3D will get the attention of your guests immediately and fascinate them! Decorate your dessert table by lining it with our butterfly stickers 3D – or place them on the entry passage walls to charm your guests!

At, we understand how important your party is for you. We strive to offer you durable and top-quality butterfly wall sticker designs that will make your party decor unique and special. Visit us and explore the wide range we offer – we are sure you would find exactly what you are looking for and more!

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