3 Pack Silver Self-Adhesive Glass Mirrors Mosaic Tiles, Mini Square Real Glass Mirror Sticker Rolls - 9ft

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Quantity: 3 Mirror Mosaic Rolls
Material: Real Glass Mirrors
Color: Silver
Each Roll Size: 35.5"L x 1.5"W
Total Length of 3 Rolls: 9ft
Single Square Tile Size: 0.2" x 0.2"
Total Mirror Pieces: 4800 (1600 Each Roll)
Mirror Thickness: 1.2mm
Features: Pre-Cut, Self-Adhesive, Reflective Surface, Durable, Versatile.
Ideal for disco ball DIY, vases, cups, mirrors and other craft decorations


Silver Self-Adhesive Glass Mirrors Mosaic -Stick it, Reflect it, Love it

Silver Self-Adhesive Glass Mirrors Mosaic -Stick it, Reflect it, Love it

Peel it, place it, and press it down – With our mirror mosaic craft stickers, your world just got a lot shinier, without any fuss. This isn’t just crafting; it’s elevating the everyday into something extraordinary, one sticky piece at a time.

Picture your living space, your wardrobe, or even your workspace. Now, add a touch of sparkle here and a dash of shine there. Our mirror sheets are the magic wand for your DIY dreams. They’re not picky; they stick to almost anything. Wood, metal, plastic, you name it - they're ready to transform it. Your creativity shouldn’t have limits, and with these sheets, the only limit is the canvas you choose. Dive into projects big or small, and watch as they go from mundane to magnificent.

And let’s talk about the look. We’re all about the details, ensuring that once these sheets are in place, they’re as seamless as your imagination. They lie flat, blend right in, and make everything look like it was born with a silver sparkle. It’s not just about sticking; it’s about making that stick look good. So, whether it’s a home project or a personal masterpiece, it’s going to have that clean, finished look that says, “Yeah, I made that.”

A World of Reflections- Real Glass Mirror Sticker Rolls

A World of Reflections- Real Glass Mirror Sticker Rolls

Imagine a sticker that could do more than just stick. That’s our Real Glass Craft Mirror Sheets for you - a little roll of endless possibilities. It's not just about making things stick; it's about transforming them into objects that tell a story, light up a room, or just make you smile. From jazzing up your journal to creating a mirror collage on your wall, these sheets are your ticket to a world where everything reflects your unique style.

Got a project in mind? These sheets are ready to bring it to life. They're perfect for those moments when you want to add a personal touch to gifts, decorations, or even your own collection of knick-knacks. And because they’re designed for real life, they handle curves, corners, and flat surfaces with equal ease. It’s all about making your space a reflection of you - literally and figuratively.

Events, parties, or just because - these sheets know how to dress up the occasion. They're the plus-one that doesn’t need an invite, ready to add a bit of glitz and glam to any setting. Weddings, birthdays, or that dinner party you’ve been wanting to host, these sheets are your go-to for adding that special touch that guests will remember. It’s about creating moments that sparkle, one little square at a time.

Built to Last, Safe to Craft- Mini Square Real Glass Mirror Tiles Stickers

Built to Last, Safe to Craft- Mini Square Real Glass Mirror Tiles Stickers

In the world of crafting, there’s beauty and then there’s durability - our Real Glass Craft Mirror Sheets have both. We took the elegance of a mirror and the toughness of a superhero to create sheets that not only look gorgeous but can also take a bit of a beating. It’s the kind of durability that keeps your creations looking fresh and fabulous, ready to face the world day after day.

Crafting should be fun, not a trip to the first-aid kit. That’s why we’ve ensured every piece of glass is as smooth as a pebble from your favorite beach. They’re easy on the fingers, making them perfect for an afternoon of crafting with the kids or a detailed project that requires a delicate touch. It’s all the beauty of glass, minus the ouch.

And let’s not forget about keeping that sparkle alive. These sheets are designed to resist the trials of time, ensuring that what shines today will shine just as brightly tomorrow. It’s not just about creating; it’s about creating something that lasts. Whether it’s a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, it’s going to keep on giving, day after day, year after year. With our Real Glass Craft Mirror Sheets, it’s not just about making something; it’s about making something that stands the test of time.

Additional Information:

  • Listing is for Mosaic Mirror Stickers only, other decorations are not included.
  • Note: Please be careful when using it, gloves are recommended.
  • Uses: DIY, Party, Birthday, Favor, Gift, Craft, Card, Scrapbook, Decoration, Card Making