Look back at the splendidness and radiant elegance of ancient times by decorating your interiors and event halls with timeless candelabras. These splendid and spectacular inexpensive candelabras in bulk are an elegant substitute to simple candlesticks. The elegance of this candle holder is complemented by the warm candlelight bringing a classy, yet cozy ambiance wherever you place it for years to come.

Featuring our bejeweled 25" Tall 5 Arm Gold Crystal Beaded Globe Metal Candelabra Candle Holder Set which is glamorous enough to cast magic upon all the spectators with its surreal radiance and regal design. These candelabras wholesale for weddings have five candle seats perched on top of metal ornaments, finished with a sparkling gold sheen for a glamorous wedding banquet table. Light up the night with the help of these romantic and regal candelabras for wedding centerpieces. You can also place it on your shelf or table and light the candles of your choice to get a spectacular shine!

Bring some eclectic elegance and majestic sophistication to any table or shelf with our choices of silver candelabras for sale and gold candelabras for sale. They are absolutely striking, a perfect touch of feminine style for your fashionable abode. This accent piece gives a bold statement in any ensemble, while its flourishing arm details and hanging glass crystals bring small scripts of definition and character to each piece. Add them in the middle of your dining table to attract attention with their classic, elegant look, or place them on the ledge with flickering pillar candles located in its hurricane glass vessels for a regal, timeless look in the living room.

You can exhibit these affordable candelabras in bulk as an emblem of luminosity and exoticness. These versatile candelabras wholesale for weddings and all other occasions can be used as an ornate decorative accent to embellish your party tables, counters, and even stage decor. They are also most splendid when used as candelabras for sweet 16, romantic night-outs, formal evening events, or to adorn your home with unsurpassed antiquated charisma. Also great as a gift for friends and family.

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