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Centerpiece Décor


Startle your audience with a dash of sparkle exuded by our amazing range of eiffel tower vases bulk and diamonds. Wholesale tall vases for centerpieces and seamless luster make them an absolutely regal accessory meant to impart luxury and ethereal to simple crafts and favors. Make a diva-style statement by embellishing your manzanita tree centerpieces for weddings, vases, decorative trees and branches or fashion enchanting jewelry items that ooze imperial charisma with our glam gems. Create a dazzling display of extra fine glitter bulk and glam by hanging these from Manzanita branches, colored sand in bulk, lanterns and balloons, or swathe around clear glass vases, eiffel tower vases bulk, votive holders, or floral. Adorn hair accessories and formal apparels, add a surreal charm to your invites, favors, watering gel beads, and scrap books, table decoration or backdrops.

Create a medley of colorful snowy layers to pearl vase fillers bulk and wholesale tall vases for centerpieces up, or to match your party theme by adding few drops of your favorite food coloring or bath coloring to the water before mixing it with Boba Snow Powder. Play with cheerfully colored sand in bulk and showcase the flamboyance of your decorations by making most vibrant color combos. Safe to use and so easy to clean and dispose off once your winter madness is over! As our colored sand in bulk is nontoxic and eco-friendly, it wouldn’t add to your carbon foot prints.

Dreamy, dazzling DIAMONDS instantly attract audience while giving a sparkly spectacle to behold! ostrich feathers bulk and sheer transparency of these glam gems simply captivates the beholders. Now presenting, strands and strings of wholesale tall vases for centerpieces, in fanciful shapes and sizes to quench this glamour thirst of all fashionistas out there. Bring pearl vase fillers bulk of ethereal sheen into your party space with these chains of crystal gems dangling mystically from your decorations, crafts, and favors. The seamless glint and twinkling appearance of these acrylic diamonds will add a super doze of glimmer and shimmer into your lackluster décor. So with this shiny treasure of extra fine glitter bulk jewels and crystals, design and decorate like a diva yourself; attach these faceted gem strings to photo frames or lampshades to impart them a shiny, affluent finish. These floating flower candles centerpieces of splendid sparkles are ideal for party decorations, favor adornment, manzanita tree wedding centerpieces, dress designing, and other arts and crafts that need a little sprucing up. Swathe these around your pearl vase fillers bulk, gifts, or bows for a swish display of elegance and beauty. Suspend from manzanita tree centerpieces for weddings, Christmas trees, and luminous lace lanterns, foil balloons, or wrap around your roman pillars, arches, vases, and centerpieces.

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