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Crafted Sequin Runner

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Crafted Sequin Runner

If you would like to organize your wedding party the same way in which it is shown in high-end celebrity magazines, we can help! We offer rose gold sequin table runners that would add glamour to your event so that you can celebrate your reception in style. Also, your guests will remember a sequin table runner wedding long after the event is over!

Our premium white taffeta runner has a circular design of sequins that has a classy appeal as it is not too ornamental. You may add a dash of colour to this design with our premium turquoise taffeta sequin runner – as it will provide a unique ambiance to your party decor. Also, you may choose to combine glitter with the unique design of our fuchsia/white dual tone sequin runner – its zigzag embroidery with sequins will look awesome on any solid colored tablecloth!

You can also add delightful flowers to your dinner tables with our sequin studded floral lace runner -  tea green – and feel their fragrance spreading all around your banquet! Continue this floral ambiance with our coral sequin studded lace table runner – to enhance the beauty of your grand soiree. After all, nothing can match the beauty of flowers – our white sequin swirl table runner with 3D flowers and silver sequins will display this with style!

We know you aim for beauty and perfection in all aspects of your event decoration. At efavormart.com, we strive to offer you our crafted sequin runner that has sequins embroidered in a way to provide you innovative designs. Our sequin table runner wholesale has innumerable sequins sewn on the fabric – losing a few of them over time will not impact their shimmer in any way! Making them last for multiple uses, and many events.  Visit us and experience their sparkle for yourself.

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