Sequin Table Runner

Sequin Runners Collection

If you don’t want your grand event to feel like just a plain, ordinary gathering, consider our sequin table runners collection! Available in gold, silver, champagne, blush, red, eggplant, and other colors, our sparkle table runners will easily become an integral part of any color palette and accommodate all your glittering needs.

To take your event décor to a new level of royalty, you can spread our Premium Sequin Table Runners atop your plain linens – thousands of tiny sequin beads will shine brightly in an enchanting manner. If ordinary glitter table runners don’t satisfy your thirst for sparkles, our big payette sequin runners will surely blow you away. Can’t choose between a chic luster of taffeta and the star-like sheen of sequin? With our crafted sequin runner collection, you can finally get the best of both worlds. To accentuate the ethereal sheen of our sequin runners, you can incorporate LEDs and other luminosities from efavormart.

Ready to explore the hypnotizing world of sparkles? Our sequin table runners wholesale are waiting for you!

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