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Decorative Lighting

If you're looking for unique, decorative effects for a corporate party or a high school dance, or if you want to give your wedding a touch of fun, then you'll love the variety of LED lights available at  We have a variety of stylish LED lights that you can use to improve your décor, making it easy to add a special glow to your evening event.

With our battery powered LEDs, you’ll be thrilled with how they light up vases, beautiful for lending a unique glow to floral arrangements at a formal dinner or fancy awards banquet. These stylish LED lights for vases can be selected in a basic white for soft illumination at an evening event. You can also find colorful LED lights for vases to use as accents to white table settings and floral arrangements.

LED lights for vases aren't restricted for use in traditional vases, of course. Imagine your summer office party being enhanced by the use of waterproof LED lights, placed in fish bowls for a luau. Consider colorful waterproof LED lights for placement in punch bowls at your organization’s holiday fundraiser. The affordability coupled with the unique characteristics of these lights create exceptional opportunities for spectacular decor!

Our professional event lighting will make the space you’re throwing the party at a luminescent scene.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer a simple centerpiece LED or if you want something bigger like a luminous and lustrous LEDs, when you shop at efavormart, it’s always a great deal. 

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