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Faux Linen Printed Curtains

Faux Linen Printed Curtains

If you’re looking for something between faux velvet curtains, faux linen blackout curtains, and see-through organza panels, you can update your home décor with our lightweight faux linen printed curtains. Thanks to their open weave construction paired with a trendy striped design, these semi-sheer panels gently diffuse the sunlight, creating an airy and relaxing ambiance without making you visible from the outside. Crafted from premium faux linen fabric, these panels are much more affordable (though not at the expense of quality) and easier to care for than their natural counterparts.

Since all our faux linen drapes come in a variety of lengths that range from 64 to 108 inches long, there is no need to mess around with a needle and thread to do any custom-tailoring. Thus, to drape your French and patio doors, you can choose our 52x108'' print faux linen curtain panels or 52x96'' print faux linen curtain panels, the longest of all in our collection. If you’re looking for something “airy” for your bedroom, kitchen, or office, you can consider our 52x64'' print faux linen curtain panels or 52x84'' print faux linen curtain panels.

Available in blue-white, silver-white, sage green-white, lavender-white, and blush-white, our faux linen printed curtains can easily blend with any décor. And as an additional bonus, all these panels come with durable chrome grommets to facilitate easy mobility. To learn more about these wonderful drapes, check out our full collection here at efavormart!

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