Flower Panel Backdrops

Flower Panel Backdrops


If a real flower wall doesn't fit within your budget, try our Flower Panel Backdrops! The individual panels are painstakingly created from gorgeous, realistic-looking silk roses and hydrangeas that will give a modern and luxurious feel to your occasions. The faux blooms are attached to a plastic grid backing that is enduring and bendable. Flower wall panels wholesale are must-haves for almost all celebrations. They are perfect backdrops and they can additionally be used permanently as a highlight wall. Exquisitely designed faux botanical arrangement to compliment weddings, showers, any party or event. These straightforward to set up flower wall panels wholesale centerpieces will bring a pop of freshness to any celebration. We offer an extensive collection of gorgeous flower panels that can be utilized to make complete 8x8 flower walls or as simple botanical decor alone.

Our floral wall panels seem very real, and you can use the back plastic grid that has holes for hanging. You can even use thumbtacks to hang them when needed. Staple guns work as well, too. Just append them to whatever cheap plywood backdrop you've got nearby, and it will be splendidly concealed by our flower wall panels wholesale!

Featuring natural-looking Rose and Hydrangea bloom, these flower wall panels wholesale will generate a visually stunning décor wherever you need a burst of excitement! Intricately handcrafted artificial flowers with brilliant finishing, it comes with a  combination of dual-tone rose and hydrangea flowers that give a solid and naturally enigmatic look, perfect where full coverage is needed. Forge magical backdrops, wall coverings, photo backgrounds, create hedges, fence accents, dense hallway or paths, or even perpendicular gardens with our life-like artificial flower wall. For an absolutely mesmerizing look, adorn this flower wall backdrop with our Enormous Foam Flowers, Silk Petals, Ivy Garlands, Foam Letters and Banners, and other dream-like accents pieces.

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