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13 Sq ft. | 4 Panels UV Protected Assorted Flower Wall Mat Backdrop | Violet/Purple

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  • Pack of 4 Panels$18.50 each
  • Case of 3 Packs (Total 12 Wall Mat Panels)$16.65 per Wall Mat PanelSave 10%

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Quantity: 4 Panels with 40 Clear Zip Ties
Flower Type: Peonies, Hydrangeas, Roses, & Begonia
Material: Silk
Color: Violet | Purple
Panel Length: 26"
Panel Width: 19"
Panel Depth: 2.5"
Total Area Covered: 13 sq. ft.

No. of Panels Required for:

  • 8x8 FT Wall: 19 (1 Case + 7 Panels)
  • 9x9 FT Wall: 24 (2 Case)
  • 10x10 FT Wall: 30 (2 Case + 6 Panels)
  • Features: The back is grid, easy to link together using zip ties


    Beautiful and Realistic

    There is no better way to welcome and embrace spring spirit then with flowers. Radiant and ravishing, these comely blossoms are a perfect adornment on their own, however, like other natural beings, they tend to wilt and wither. Seize the color and charisma of fresh cut blooms with our silk flower wall mats featuring lifelike fake flower heads that mimic their natural counterparts in the most exceptional manner.

    Easy to Setup and Use

    Combining your top favorite picks, our floral mats combine the queens of blossoms; roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and begonia, in an ethereal fashion. Attached to flexible and bendable grid mats, these panels are easy to be cut and shaped according to your theme and mood.

    Combine with Other Decorations

    Make stunning vertical gardens, fake hedges, flower walls, backdrops, photo background, and other floral-theme decorations in no time! Combine with our 3D Giant Flowers, Butterflies, Pompoms, Rose Gold Foil Banners and Letters, garlands, and balloons to make one of a kind party ambiance!

    Additional Information:

    • Grid Length: 23"
    • Grid Width: 15.5"
    • UV Protected

    Flower Type: Rose

    • Color: Hot Pink with inner shades of Ivory
    • Total Number of Roses: 2
    • Overall Diameter: 4"
    • Overall Height: 2.5"

    Flower Type: Peony

    • Color: Hot Pink with inner shades of Ivory
    • Total Number of Peonies: 2
    • Overall Diameter: 3"
    • Overall Height: 2.5"

    Flower Type: Hydrangea

    • Color: Hot Pink
    • Total Number of Hydrangeas: 2
    • Overall Diameter: 4.5”
    • Overall Height: 2.5"

    Flower Type: Begonia

    • Color: Light Fuchsia Pink with hints of lavender tips
    • Total Number of Begonias: 55
    • Overall Diameter: 4"
    • Overall Height: 2.5"
    • Uses: Wedding, Baby shower, Party, Event, Banquet, Photo Areas, Background Decorations, Stage Decoration