Foil & Tassel Curtains

Foil & Tassel Curtains


Would you agree that the best events and celebrations are the ones that shine? If so, we have our Foil & Tassel Curtains collection that will give you an unprecedented way to dress your backdrops and entranceways and help you achieve a glamorous and bright event without going out of budget.

Also called string fringe curtain, these string window ornaments are perfect to be utilized as lovely backgrounds or backdrops for photoshoots and booths, or hang them carefully from a ceiling to add a unique allure to any occasion. In addition to the fact that they just look simply stunning, they are inconceivably simple to hang too. Made of High-Quality Silk Tassels, these fringe string curtains are an enjoyable and inexpensive way to divide a doorway and it lets the light through while still providing privacy. On the other hand, use our glimmering metallic foil fringe curtains to make a jazzy splash on your upcoming special event. And because they come in individual strands, these metallic backdrops can be cut out to any desired length to match the door or window frame length where you are planning to hang them, guaranteed that the ends won’t fray. Also, this foil fringe garland is not just for doors and windows, hang them from the ceiling by the built-in grommets to add a gleaming color and texture to a blank wall in your party area.

There is no doubt that our Foil & Tassel Curtains collection will give your guests a great entrance and that additional flash that is perfect for dancing and training squads. With such a wide variety of options, you will surely find the string fringe curtain and metallic foil fringe curtains are perfect for all your needs.

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