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Glass & Acrylic Cake Stand

If you wish to turn your event into a party city, cake stands are a must!  Our acrylic table top stands will impart an extra bit of elegance and sophistication to your party. In addition to holding cakes and desserts, our acrylic centrepiece stands can create a unique style statement of their own when placed on any table.  Made of an acrylic material, they are lightweight, but yet sturdy enough to hold a full cake. Not to mention, our acrylic cake stands comes with transparent tubes that you can fill up with coloured water or differently-coloured LED lights to create that perfect centerpiece. 

Whether your event is a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, cakes are naturally a staple of all manner of celebrations.  Displaying the cakes on cascading cake stands for your guests has become a timeless tradition. While partly for decor, but also often as a sense of pride for the generous hosts.  No matter the number of your guests, we have just the right cake stand set to fit your needs.  We offer 3 Tier Cake Stand Sets for small parties to 5 Tier Cascading Cake Stand, and even a 6 Tier cascading cake stand for the most grandest affairs.

Our cupcake stands are a brilliant way to display cupcakes, candies, or miniature chocolate!  Whether your event calls for Round Acrylic Cupcake Stand, or Square Acrylic Cupcake stand, we’ve got them all! If your grand soiree has hundreds of guests, not to worry, just a couple of our XL 8 Tier Square Acrylic Cupcake Stand will be enough to fill your needs. With transparent plates underneath, there are unlimited ways our cupcake stands can be decorated.  By combining craft flowers or our mini favors to your cupcakes display will take it to the next level of chic!

All of our products are made of highest grade material, this fact can be seen within our selection of cake and cupcake stands!  At, we strive to offer best quality products to our customers, at the lowest possible prices. Our products are stylish, trendy and possess an immaculate finish. We pride ourselves on having a huge selection of wedding, party, and decoration products, with more arriving weekly!  With just one visit, and we’re sure you’ll no longer shop anywhere else!

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