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Premium Glass Candelabra Centerpieces

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Premium Glass Candelabra Centerpieces

You can add extravagance to your wedding decorations with our glass candelabra centrepieces. Your guests will be mesmerized with the exquisite arches of these accessories that hold your candles with ease and elegance. Also, the crystal pendants of our vintage glass candelabra reflect light to add a shimmering hue to your celebrations!

Your guests won’t be able to ignore our crystal glass candle holder – as it will be the centrepiece of attraction on any table! You may enhance this exquisite style with our premium hurricane candle glass holder – with crystal chains dangling from each holder! You can move a step further to bedazzle everybody with our 9 arms taper crystal centerpiece – making it the focal point of your special event!

You may use our crystal glass votive candle holder any way you want – to hold candles, flowers, or any other decorative accessory.  Continue this creativity with our long stem cylinder candle holder – that looks beautiful by itself or you may fill it with flowers or glitter! Next, place our glass crystal pillar centerpiece anywhere in your banquet – as it reflects light through its crystal beads and mesmerizes all!

At efavormart.com, we strive to offer you products that are beautiful and reflect your personal style too. You can be as creative with our glass candelabra table centrepieces as you want – place them where you want and fill them with jelly filler balls, glitter, candles, flowers or decorative sand! Visit us and let the celebrations begin!

See them in action on video!

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