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Glass Charger Plates

Continue the elegance of your wedding decor to your buffet table with our clear glass charger plates. They are slightly elevated so that you can present your exquisite dinnerware in style at your event. In addition, you can reuse our wholesale charger plates for your other functions as they can be cleaned easily afterwards by rinsing with warm water.

Use our gold rim glass charger plates as an elegant base to place your dinnerware. This way, even your simple crockery set will look stylish as you server various courses with the charger plates underneath. It becomes so easy to enhance the beauty of your dinner table with our silver rim charger plates as they collect the crumbs and ensure that your tablecloth is not getting dirty. Meanwhile, their attractive beaded rim will continue to attract envious glances from your guests!

Something that you can never go wrong with at your special event are the crystal rim glass charger plates – they say a lot about your personal style. These charger plates glass enhance the sophistication of your banquet by keeping it neat - while the crystal rim adds to its attraction. After all, our glass charger plates come in patterns that blend well with any theme that you have chosen for your reception – while you are busy creating a unique dinner presentation for your guests!

At, we understand that you require charger plates bulk for your party – for aesthetic as well as practical purposes. We provide you beautiful and affordable options that  are durable enough to be used for all your special events. Visit us and get surprised as we offer you exactly what you are looking for – and much more!

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