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Glass Hanging Decor


Sick and tired of the gloomy feeling in your lounging area? Do you want to add a little green into your indoor space that doesn’t require much tending to? If so, then our collection of Glass Hanging Decor holds the solution to your home improvement demands. Stimulate your imagination and create marvelous and easy to maintain hanging arrangements that will bring forth a refreshing and energizing atmosphere into your den or any vacant space.

They may seem little but these hanging glass globes for plants are so versatile and the projects you can create with them are endless. Be sure to keep the plants in your glass globe terrarium wholesale moist and not wet. Monitor how quickly the soil dries during the first few days to decide a misting pattern and keep a fashionable mister close so you will always remember to water your hanging glass garden. As an additional enhancement, you can use a variety of small marbles, pearls, water beads, decorative sand, rocks, and crushed glass. This beautiful hanging glass succulent planter has a flat bottom so you can sit them on a desk/table or thread a fishing line or a ribbon of your choice on the glass loop for easy hanging. We also have terrariums to hang on the wall that you can choose for easy wall mounting.

It’s truly a great way to grow plants be it on walls or in a small area in your home or workplace. Each hanging glass decor is handblown and handcrafted to suit your decorating desires. With a little inventiveness, you can make this trend your own and send your visitors home with a beautiful keepsake as a memento of your celebration. Use our 4” Globe hanging plant holder as floating LED tealights, or decorate it with seashells for a beach wedding. These hanging glass globes for plants are also perfect as a rustic wedding favor, housewarming gift, and decoration for other special events. It’s also a great springtime project for you and your family to enjoy. Who can resist the charm of our Glass Hanging Decor collection? Watch as your air plant and succulent terrarium continue to flourish and grow. There will never be a dull moment when you have these Glass Hanging Decors suspended and mounted around.

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