2 Pack 10" Rose Gold Foam Disco Mirror Ball With Hanging Swivel Ring, Holiday Party Decor

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  • Blush/Rose gold
  • Silver

Size: 10"


Quantity: 2 Disco Balls
Style: Mirror Ball
Material: Foam Ball with Tiny Square Mirrors
Color: Rose Gold
Ball Diameter: 10"
Comes with a 1" Metal Hanging Ring
Tiny Mirrors reflect lights beautifully across the walls and ceiling


Disco Mirror Ball With Hanging Swivel Ring

Are you looking for some sparkling décor accents that’ll cover the entire party space with tiny dots of light? Our mirrored disco balls are just what you need to create a scintillating atmosphere for celebrating any occasion in a groovy style. Sometimes, evoking joy is as simple as shining a light on a decorative mirrored ball to add an extravagant touch to the ambiance.


Decorative Disco Balls

Beautifully designed by gluing hundreds of tiny mirrored tiles around a foam sphere, this chic disco ball is an art piece on its own. It shines the light off the mirrored facets to brighten up the entire space with its amazing glow. Depending on the lights, these shiny balls will bounce many playful colors all around taking you back to those good old times.


Multipurpose Masterpieces

These glamorous mirrored balls are an ideal choice for decorating the dance floor, ceiling, windows, or even Christmas trees. The hanging swivel ring will let you hang these balls easily even though you can just arrange them on the window sill as pretty, shining globes exuding brightness all around. The multipurpose mirrored masterpieces will make a stunning ’70s statement no matter how you incorporate them into your décor.


Additional Information:

  • NOTE: Comes with Spare Square Mirrors
  • Uses: Can be used in 70's disco party, dance party, wedding, birthday party, and Christmas tree decoration.