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Glass Votive Candle Holder

Unleash your creativity in every side or corner of your home with our collection of tall votive holders and vase candle holder centerpiece. Also a genius piece to accentuate your wedding and other celebrations. Try our slender, sleek, and ever stylish vase candle holder centerpiece, set of 3 Hurricane Long Stem Glass Vase Candle Holders and our brilliant and transparent glass pillar vase, 14” Gemcut Premium Glass Crystal Pillar Vase Candle Holder. These two tall votive holders are not just solely for candles as they will also look absolutely fabulous with acrylic ice crystals, jelly filler balls, pearls. glitters, decorative sands, flowers or anything that you feel possible to fill in this vase candle holder centerpiece.

Our collection of tall votive holders and glass pillar vase are made with high quality of glass material that will surely transform your plain looking tabletop into a divine looking piece of art. Glam your wedding tables with our set of glass pillar vase in different height such as 11”, 14”, and 18”. It provides distinct elegance and sophistication to your wedding decoration and very useable after the event too! Save your money and buy something that can be used multiple times and multiple ways!

Go ahead browse and shop and take advantage of our quality tall votive holders that will surely satisfy your creativity!

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