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Grass Wall Decor

Of course, you would like to have a gorgeous wedding with amazing decor. For that goal, we can suggest a grass backdrop wedding to impress your guests as they make your plain walls look beautiful! We present a large variety of dense foliage for you to choose from – select the grass mat wall decor that suits your personal style along with the theme of your event.

Let your guests dine in style with our artificial boxwood hedge green wall mat under their feet. Allow them to walk on paths made of lime green boxwood hedge faux foliage that looks and feels like real grass! Make them wonder how you managed a vertical garden so soon – with our artificial boxwood hedge elliptical leaves foliage!

Whether you use our red/yellow artificial boxwood hedge or purple/green faux elliptical leaves foliage  - you do not have to bother about trimming or maintaining this wall decor. These are 3D leaves in dual tone that are fixed on robust netting. Your artificial grass wall decor will not wither or die. It will not require regular watering or pruning. Simply decorate your banquet the way you want – and forget about maintaining your grass wall design!

At, we understand your sentiments about having a fabulous wedding that is beautiful, yet require low maintenance. We offer grass wall decor ideas that are easy to maintain and magnificent to look at. Enjoy your celebration without worrying about guests trampling on the grass or spilling wine on it! Visit us to choose artificial grass wall decor panels that complement your party decor perfectly.


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