Hanging Glass Decor

Hanging Glass Decor


Are you looking for a simple way to integrate the decadent decade of the ‘70s into your home decorating ideas while still being fashionable? Who would have guessed that the decor that was once suspended in nightclubs and dance floors will resurface and create a trendy accessory for your bedroom, kitchen, lounging area or even for the home office? That's right. The statement piece that Efavormart is raving about is the timeless disco balls.

Ideal for a sophisticated do, these flashy disco balls centerpieces are the perfect item to enhance and beautify any celebration. For additional inspiration, you can scatter them on tables, use them as table centerpieces or simply place them on trays for that understated glamour. You may even hang them as embellishments on trees and ceilings to entertain your family and friends during the holiday season. You can also string them to create a wonderful garland of disco balls. Regardless of whether you choose to hang or lay them, these disco balls decorations will naturally illuminate in any lighting to which you expose them due to their mirror surface that reflects the light in all directions, making them functional in addition to their decorative purposes. Incorporating these disco balls ornaments with the lights in our Event Lightings collection will all the more make a playful finishing touch and set the mood for your grandiose event.

In addition to our funky disco balls, we also have another line of items in this collection that complements well with modern furnishings and will surely add an exclamation point to any boring space. Due to its casual elegance, our hanging glass succulent planter is a sure way to improve any blank space, whether on walls or ceilings. Place them near a window or in a divider section, these hand-blown masterpieces will also look extraordinary when grouped in clusters or hung in various lengths. These dazzling pieces of hanging glass globes for plants will not only add a delightful ambiance to any room in the house, but they also make a wonderful Home Decor accent for all occasions. Make your home cozy with our exceptional Hanging Glass Decor and be ready to receive compliments.

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