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Heart Soap Petal Favors

Since roses are an enduring symbol of love and romance, they are often used to beautify weddings or Valentine’s Day venues. If you’re looking to embrace this romantic tradition in an environmentally-friendly manner, welcome to our collection of silk rose petals and heart soaps wholesale.

Love fresh rose petals, but hate their limited shelf-life? Our silk rose petals might just be what you are looking for - whether you scatter these over the floor to complement your petal shoes or use them to enchant your guests with a bloomy trail, they will never wilt!

Want to shower your guests with a gift that’s rose-related? Look no further than our scented rose flower bath shower soaps. Unlike other popular soap party favors, such as dessert soaps wholesale or decorative soap balls wholesale, these will easily fit in with your floral theme.

At the same time, all our decorative soaps wholesale are perfect for embellishment purposes. For example, you can accentuate your pink heart curtains with our pink scented rose flower bath shower soap or make your apple green heart party supplies even more visually appealing with our apple green scented rose flower bath shower soap.

Have we piqued your interest with all of these unique ideas? You can discover even more when you stop by our full collection right now at!

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