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Heavy Duty Backdrops


Pure piece of elegance! Our premium heavy duty outdoor curtains are made from high quality spandex material that is highly durable, stretchable, and affordable. These extravagant backdrops can be used time and time again, without any need for ironing and can easily be laundered countless times without losing their luster and charm. The peerless glint of these heavy duty outdoor curtains with the seamless luster of spandex material will exude oodles of imperial sheen and regal appeal to your party space.

Create a perfectly bedazzling duet of luminosity and glamour by complementing these glimmering spandex backdrops with heavy duty curtain clips and caps, spandex tablecloths, spandex table runners, and other accessories in wedding, showers, banquet events, corporate affairs, quinceanera parties. If you’re looking to add some serious “wow” factor to your reception, go for our Gorgeus chiffon drapes wedding. When you do it right, pairing the fabric - usually blurred garments like chiffon, organaz or voil - will make your setting feel more luxurious and upscale, yet intimate and comfortable at the same time.

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