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Hydrangea & Rose Flower Wall Panel

Your wedding decor is not complete without floral panels as nothing can say it better than flowers. Your guests will be mesmerized by our hydrangea & rose flower panels as they add romance to your event instantly! Our flower wall panels wholesale are available in several colors to suit your personal style, time of the day and the party theme perfectly.

Our white hydrangea & rose wall panel is the perfect backdrop for your white wedding. You may use it to outline your walls or cover it completely. Now, get a similar serene effect with our cream rose & hydrangea flower mat – as our 3D roses look stunningly natural! Continue this natural theme with our red rose & hydrangea wall panel that would be perfect for building hedges and fence accents!

You can impress your guests with our gold silk rose & hydrangea flower wall panel - that provides a majestic sheen while hiding the dirty spots on your walls! Also, you can bend or cut our silver rose & hydrangea panel into any shape – to create beautiful decorative pieces and hang from your walls. Now, complete the decor by lining your entry passage with our wine rose & hydrangea flower panel – and fascinate your guests!

At, we strive to offer you products that are beautiful and functional too. Our artificial wall panels are the perfect way to hide those unsightly pipes and dirty wall spaces. Visit us to explore our selection of colors – to complement your party decor completely!

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