Kissing Balls

Kissing Balls

What is a kissing ball? Back in the Middle Ages, mistletoe kissing balls were usually hung in the doorways to bring good fortune to everyone who passes beneath them. If you love the idea of a kissing ball, as a symbol of various well-wishes, but prefer something more bloomy than a mistletoe, you can get the best of both worlds with silk flower balls from efavormart.

Whether you swoon over the romantic appeal of roses, pointy petals of dahlias, or the simplistic construction of hydrangeas, we’ve got you covered with our silk rose pomander kissing balls, artificial dahlia flower kissing balls, or silk hydrangea kissing flower balls. Handcrafted with utmost intricacy, our forever-blooming wedding kissing flower balls can fool even the most eagle-eyed guest into thinking they are made of fresh-cut blooms. No matter how unique your color scheme is, you’ll never leave our store without finding something that catches your eye – we offer everything from black kissing balls, red kissing balls to pink kissing ball flowers, and yellow kissing ball flowers. Once you buy a set of flower balls, you can either hang them at different heights to add some dimension to your décor or top these upon tall vases to create eye-catching flower ball centerpieces.

It doesn’t matter how you apply our adorable yet affordable kissing balls – they will always look fresh, never wilt, and will last throughout your event, and beyond.

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