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LED Backdrop

Your party is incomplete without a stunning backdrop to provide amazing photos for you to relive those moments. We offer backdrop lights to illuminate your banquet – while creating surreal images at the same time! Our LED curtains for weddings will add an aura of night sky to your party – making you feel that you are celebrating with the twinkling stars shimmering around you!

You will get dazzled as you glance at our white LED lights organza curtain that has LED lights sewn into the organza fabric to produce a rippling light effect – that gets reflected in your photo shoot. Now you may decide to add a regal touch to your wedding decor with our gold LED lights organza curtain backdrop that has 600 LED lights to add sparkle to your event – that will continue to shine for as long as you want! And for your silver theme, we offer the silver LED lights big photography backdrop that will add glimmer to your function - without adding any heat as these are LED lamps.

For your outdoor grand soiree – we provide 30ft. Rhythmic sequence party outdoor string decoration that will look lovely wrapped around trees, pillars, arches and hedges. It is a beautiful way to decorate as well as accentuate your centrepieces besides illuminating your photos. And you can bring the outdoors in with our Twinkle in the Night LED backdrops - clear that can be set to provide different kinds of lightning effects depending upon the mood of the party and reflecting it in your party images!

At, we offer lighted backdrop curtain to add sheen to your wedding photos. Our high quality sheer curtains with LED lights last long and look great no matter where you place them! Visit us and get mesmerized with our exotic collection of LED backdrop lights for your event.

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