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LED Candles


Flaunt the glimmer and shimmer of your upscale event and merry celebrations with our elegant gold flameless candles LED Candles with twinkling string light accents. Giving you the illusion of real candles, our innovative best flameless candles impart the ambiance and realism of traditional most realistic flameless candles, without the usual drawbacks involving unpleasant scents or waxy odors, and the inconvenience of wax that drips onto surfaces.

Made from paraffin wax, these dancing candles are so realistic to the touch and look that it’s impossible to distinguish them from traditional led votive candles bulk. While mimicking the glimmering glow of real candles, these LED best flameless candles don’t involve burning wick, smoke or messy dripping wax, hence these can be left unattended in any room, even in the presence of kids and pets, without any concern of accidents involving burns and fires.

With new flame simulation technology, these flameless candles bulk wholesale and dancingly sway with the wind in wholesale section, giving your event or room ambiance a realistic exotic experience. Control the dimness and brightness of these led pillar candles bulk as per the mood and theme of your celebration, or set the perfect timer for the flames to extinguish by the handy remote control that comes with these lights. Place these gold flameless candles on your date tables to enjoy romantic candle light dinners, or impart a whimsical warm effect to your bedrooms, coffee tables, book shelves, aisles, arches, gardens, and trees.

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