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We understand that to adapt to the new normal and to guarantee the protection of ourselves and those we love, PPE Supplies are a necessity at these times. Preventing transmission and contraction of infectious pathogens, our personal protective equipment provides the necessary defense against airborne particles and helps contain the spread. Proper protective gear is crucial to help flatten the curve and in order to ensure the provision of reliable and viable personal protective equipment (PPE), your friends at Efavormart are working day and night for your safety and protection.

During last few months, as we were endeavoring to tackle the spread while staying safe and sane, we got lucky to have made arrangements with our manufacturers to modify our production lines from designated products like tablecloths & chair covers to critically required protective gear, like protective face masks, defensive gloves, safety goggles, and disinfectant wipes. These protective supplies and PPE Kit not only act as a defensive shield from harmful infections, diseases, and contaminants but also give us some normalcy amid these difficult times. By facilitating you with personal protective equipment like disposable face mask, face mask filters,  latex free gloves, kn95 face mask, face shield, antibacterial wipes, protective suit, reusable and washable fabric masks and protective eye wear like anti-fog goggles, we desire to play our part in assuring the safety and health of our community and customers as best as we could.

To help our awesome customers deal with this new norm in a safe and stylish manner, we have even introduced aesthetically pleasing face masks for a positive and confident attitude towards life. Our Fashion Face Masks like sequin face masks, cotton face masks, and LED color changing battery operated face masks combine style with safety in the most innovative manner.

Besides meeting health standards and being totally reliable, our PPE supplies come at surprisingly pocket-friendly prices to help you maximize your protection and minimize your spendings. Let’s keep the virus at bay with necessary PPE Supplies and personal protection equipment and stay safe and protected. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy disposable face masks ?

Ans: Given the situation right now, the best place to buy disposable face mask is through online stores. Get the best deals on protective face masks available at wholesale prices from Efavormart. 

2. Can you reuse disposable face mask ?

Ans: The disposable mask cannot be reused. You can use it once for a long time or during your work shift until it is not visibly dirty. For proper precautions and safety measures, once used, dispose the sanitary mask properly and use a new one.

3. Do led face masks work ?

Ans: Yes, our LED face mask is not only fashionable but you can rely on them as well as your respiratory defense. Our futuristic LED masks are made from high-quality breathable optic fiber cloth with activated carbon for a soft, safe, and stylish experience.

4. What is the best led face mask ?

Ans: Stay safe yet in style inside bars, clubs, and events with LED face mask from Efavormart. Our LED face mask is one of the best available online because they not only fit wonderfully, but they look pretty cool and attractive as well. 

5. How to clean led face mask ?

Ans: You can clean the LED face mask with a wet soft cloth, but avoid dampening the area where the USB Charging Port Switch is located. Scrub the mask gently with a soft cloth and dry it properly before use.

6. How to wear face shield ?

Ans: Our safety face shield has a band that rests on the forehead and goes around the back of the head. The cover will extend from around the hairline to the chin providing full coverage. Face shields are more comfortable to wear than face masks that can sometimes irritate the ears with their straps.

7. What are face shields intended to protect you from ?

Ans: Face shields are intended to protect your whole face when you come in direct contact with other people. It contains and prevents the transmission of viruses and germs from dust, saliva, spit, and face shields are one of the best precautionary measures from communicable diseases.

8. Where to buy face shields ?

Ans: If you want full-face protection, you may want to consider purchasing face shields from Efavormart. For high-quality Personal Protective Equipment and PPE Kit, look no further than our collection of PPE Supplies.

9. What is PM 2.5 ?

Ans: PM in face masks stands for 'fine particulate matter' and represents air pollutant particles that are up to 2.5 µm in size and composition. PM 2.5 particles include sulfates, nitrates, ammonia, carbon monoxide, and many other heavy metal particles that can be dangerous to our general health.

10. Are vinyl gloves latex free ?

Ans: Yes, vinyl gloves are latex-free and are often the cheapest option. It is best to wear vinyl gloves powder free if you are allergic to latex. These multipurpose gloves are good for general use and activities that do not require the highest degree of tactile accuracy.

11. What are latex free gloves made of ?

Ans: Due to the increasing rate of latex allergy among healthcare professionals and the general population, latex gloves have become a less popular option. Many organizations now recommend wearing latex-free or synthetic gloves made of neoprene, polyvinyl chloride, and nitrile rubber.

12. How to make hand sanitizer wipes ?

Ans: It's much hassle to make hand sanitizer wipes at home, much easier option is to order ready made 100% effective sanitizing wipes from us. However if you still want to do that by yourself, you can make effective hand sanitizer wipes at home with some common household items. You will need:

2 cups Distilled water
1 cup Alcohol at least 70-91% concentration
1 TBSP dish-washing liquid
3 drops Tea tree oil (optional)
1 Thick and strong Paper Towel Roll
Tall airtight jar or container big enough to fit a paper towel roll

  • Start by mixing the water, alcohol, and dish-washing liquid in the jar or container.
  • Using a serrated knife, cut the paper towel roll in the middle.
  • Once the paper towels are in half, use 1/4 to 1/3 of the paper towels and put them in the alcohol solution, ensuring they're fully submerged.
  • Allow your paper towel to soak in the alcohol solution for 2 minutes before using it.

13. Where to buy mini spray bottles ?

Ans: If you are looking for a lightweight and compact mini spray bottles for storing oil blends, perfumes, cleaning liquids, and other substances, then you are surely in the right place. Our fine mist spray bottles are not only safe and secure to use, but they are easy to clean as well.

14. Where can I buy clear plastic gloves ?

Ans: If you are looking for disposable gloves for that extra layer of protection indoors or outdoors, we have premium quality latex-free and powder-free clear plastic disposable gloves available. These disposable plastic gloves are not only comfortable to wear but also gentle on the skin.

15. Where to buy safety goggles ?

Ans: If you need chemical splash goggles that fit snugly over larger prescription glasses that also include a soft, cushioning nose bridge for enhanced comfort, then our protective goggles are the perfect choice along with our other PPE Supplies.

16. When should you wear safety goggles ?

Ans: Eye protection goggles are recommended or required whenever potential eye hazards are present. Common hazards include chemicals, corneal flash burns, harmful airborne particles, flying debris, dust, and chemical splashes.

17. Where to buy fashion face masks ?

Ans: Get a protective face covering that doubles as a fashion accessory and complements with your outfit while still acting as a defensive shield against germs and infections. Shop from our collection of Personal Protective Equipment today where you can select from a variety of trendy face masks so you can stay safe without compromising your aesthetic taste.

18. Do cotton face masks work ?

Ans: Cotton face masks are not medical grade, but they can still be useful in non-patient settings to contain coughs and remind people not to touch their faces.

19. Where can I buy disposable rain ponchos ?

Ans: Now you can make the most of outdoor activities without worrying about sudden rains and infectious diseases with our disposable rain ponchos. When properly folded, our waterproof raincoat with hood can fit inside any gear bag, glove box, or back pocket. Why look somewhere else?

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