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30 Pack | Stick On Face Mask Filter PM 2.5, Activated Carbon Filter Insert With 5 Layer Filtration For Cloth Mask

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Quantity: 30 Filters
Material: Non-woven melt-blown filter cloth
Color: White
Filter Size: 4"L x 3"W
Filter uses activated carbon filter
Provides 5 Layer Filtration
Lifespan for each filter: 5-7 Days
Suitable for most adults face mask
Filter is compatible with all the fabric masks ( with/without insert pocket)
Comes with double sided tape, can use on a fabric mask without insert
Easy to use: Just tape these replaceable PM 2.5 face mask filters to any Fabric Face Masks
Skin friendly, breathable and comfortable to wear.
Filters are not machine washable
Not Intended For Medical Use
Activate Carbon filters helps keeping away smells from masks due to multiple use
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Categories: Masks & PPE,


Face Mask Filter

Keep yourself and your loved ones protected from harmful air-borne particles, dust, haze, allergies, pollution, ash, pollen, PM2.5, vehicle exhaust, and fumes by using these replaceable face mask insert filters. Fine particles, or particulate matter 2.5(PM 2.5), refers to tiny particles or droplets in the air that are two and one half microns or less in width. Designed specially to provide necessary respiratory protection from contaminants, these filters will ensure maximum protection and healthy life.


Stick On Face Mask

Perfect to be used with both masks with or without inserts. Double sided tape on edges helps in keeping the filter in place when inserted into a mask pocket, and can even be used on the masks without inserts. Either replace your old filters by inserting these into your mask with insert pocket, or simply stick these on your masks without inserts.


Mask Filter PM 2.5

Offering 5-layered protection and filtration system, these replacement filters effectively keep away from PM2.5 and a range of airborne pollutants. Featuring soft cotton construction, these mask filters are skin friendly, breathable, and comfortable to wear.


Additional Information:

Product Features :

  • These PM 2.5 activated carbon face mask filters feature a five-layer filter system.
  • 1st layer Anti Sticking Cloth, 2nd layer Melt Blown Filter Cloth, 3rd layer Activated Carbon, 4th layer Melt Blown Filter, 5th layer Anti Sticking Cloth.
  • Made of cotton to keep your face soft and comfortable.
  • The filters are not machine washable.
  • It helps prevent fine particles from entering the respiratory track.
  • They effectively trap a wide range of airborne contaminants including dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, etc.
  • Can be used during cycling, walking, hiking, jogging, running, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, scooting etc. or any indoor and outdoor environments where the air quality may be compromised.
  • They are also suitable for social distancing to reduce the spread of respiratory droplets.


  • Do Not Share Filters
  • We do not accept any returns / exchanges / refund on this product.