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MY BABY Assorted Ribbons

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MY BABY Assorted Ribbons

You can share your internal bliss of being a parent with people who matter - through our baby shower ribbons and bows! Our satin ribbons have a baby theme printed on them. Remember your blessings while using our baby shower ribbon decorations for tying up your favour boxes and gifts. Next, use our baby ribbons as the perfect accessory for celebrating the first birthday of your child!

Our blue Grosgrain ribbon is absolutely essential for your gender reveal party. You can decorate your party space with it - to let people know that you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your baby boy! Or else, decorate your table runners and table mats with our pink Grosgrain ribbon to let people know “It’s a girl”! As an added bonus, our 3/8” blue Grosgrain ribbon with tiny blue boots will liven up your party like nothing else can!

You can decorate your banquet with our 5/8” pink Grosgrain ribbon that has baby girl written all over it – hang it from branches of trees, lights, curtain rods or wrap it around pillars and centrepieces and let the festive air set in. Also, our 7/8” blue Grosgrain ribbon will reveal your parental glee as you wrap your party favors and other boxes with it!

At efavormart.com, we strive to offer you top quality baby boy ribbon and baby girl ribbon - to depict your true feelings in a beautiful manner.  Visit us to explore options - to fit the theme of your party perfectly and wow your guests!

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