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Organza Satin Center Ribbon

Airy translucency of organza or glossy appeal of satin?  Which is the more elegant look?  Well, if there’s no time for dilemmas, we suggest you stop by and check out our peerless yet cheap organza ribbons with a satin center. The satin center gives our ribbons more dimension, body, not to mention stiffness making them a perfect choice for bows and veils, while the impeccable shimmer of organza imparts a festive feel to wherever you apply this fabric!

All our ribbons come in 25-yard and 10-yard spools, giving you plenty of length for your creative projects. Moreover, we offer both 7/8'' DIY organza satin center ribbon and 1.5'' satin center ribbon, so that the size of bouquets, favors, or headpieces won’t stand in your way. Rare color scheme? Worry not – ribbons are available a huge array of hues, from light blue for your baby shower to ivory for your wedding.

So, if you still don’t know where to get cheap ribbons for sale, please visit our ribbon collection where you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!

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