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Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern

If you’re looking to add some extra dimensions to your décor at a reasonable price, consider our hanging paper lanterns. Hang these from trees, branches, arches, or ceilings, and you’ll transform your ordinary party scape into a surrealistic paradise of Asian culture.

From traditional round paper Chinese lanterns and round lanterns to extraordinary white beehive hanging Chinese paper lanterns, we offer every type of hanging lantern you could ever desire. Most of our surprisingly affordable paper lanterns can be used with bulbs. Whichever wholesale paper lanterns for weddings have captured your attention, mix and match them between each other or incorporate our round honeycomb paper lanterns, bell-shaped honeycomb paper lantern, and beyond. In addition, you can complement your Asian-style theme with our White Enticing Teardrop Chinese Paper Lanterns that looks beautiful when paired with fairy string lights

Last but not least, though these luminosities will not cost you much, you can save even more by purchasing our lanterns in bulk. To see our whole variety, please stop by our collection for yourself, only at

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