White Ceiling Drape and Stainless Steel Hanging Hoop Hardware Kit + FREE Installation Tool Kit 4 Panel

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Size: 20" w/ Drapes


Quantity: 4 Panels Ceiling Drape + Installation Tool Kit
Curtain Material: Premium Fire Retardant Sheer Voile Curtain
Curtain Color: White
Curtain Size: 10ft x 20ft
One 20" Stainless Steel Center Ceiling Hoop
4 Acrylic End Tubes to spread the ceiling fabric at each end
Crystal Clear Hinged Polycarbonate Hooks
C-Hooks for hanging drapes
Easy to carry Kit Bag
Max Weight: 10lbs min, 25lbs max
FREE Installation Tools Kit


Create an Enchanting Atmosphere with White Ceiling Drapes

Create an Enchanting Atmosphere with White Ceiling Drapes

Transform any event venue into a magical wonderland with our 4-Panel White Ceiling Drapes. These exquisite drapes are designed to impart an avant-garde look to your event ambiance, exuding a dreamy flair that will captivate your guests. Made from premium quality voile fabric with a soft and smooth texture, these drapes add a touch of class and elegance to any space.

Our installation kit includes a stainless steel hanging hoop and all the necessary hardware tools for easy setup. With this kit, you can effortlessly hang the fabric across the ceiling, creating a stunning visual impact. Whether it's a wedding, shower, birthday, or any other festive event, these lovely drapes will revitalize your celebrations, taking them to a whole new level of merriment.

In addition to their decorative appeal, these white ceiling drapes also serve as an excellent backdrop for other event decorations. You can hang string lights across the ceiling along with the sheer drapes to create a whimsical twinkling effect. This transforms even the plainest ambiance into a realm of fantasy, leaving your guests in awe of the enchanting atmosphere.

Elevate Your Event Decor with Elegant White Drapery Panels

Elevate Your Event Decor with Elegant White Drapery Panels

Our white drapery panels are flawlessly fashioned from premium quality voile fabric, ensuring a luxurious and sophisticated look. These panels are an ideal choice for achieving the desired flair with classy extravagance. Whether you're planning a wedding, a party, or any other special occasion, these drapery panels will add an exuberant touch to your drab ceilings.

The lightweight structure of our drapery panels allows them to be easily hung from the ceiling using the stainless steel hanging hoop included in our installation kit. This hoop is not only sturdy and durable but also adds an elegant touch to the overall decor. With our kit, you can set up the drapery panels like a pro, saving both time and installation costs.

In addition to their decorative function, these elegant white drapery panels also serve as a versatile backdrop for event photography. The soft and smooth texture of the voile fabric creates a beautiful contrast against any subject, making your photos truly stand out. Whether you're capturing precious moments at a wedding or creating lasting memories at a party, these drapery panels will enhance the overall aesthetic of your event.

Effortlessly Create a Stunning Ceiling Decoration

Effortlessly Create a Stunning Ceiling Decoration

Our White Ceiling Drape and Stainless Steel Hanging Hoop Hardware Kit is the perfect solution for creating an elegant and captivating ceiling decoration. The white drapes, along with the stainless steel hanging hoop, provide a seamless and sophisticated look that will impress your guests.

With our easy-to-use installation tool kit, you can quickly and efficiently set up the drapes, saving both time and effort. The stainless steel hanging hoop is designed to hold the drapes securely in place, ensuring a flawless and professional finish. Whether you're a seasoned event planner or a DIY enthusiast, our kit has everything you need to create a stunning ceiling decoration.

Not only are these drapes perfect for weddings, showers, and birthdays, but they can also be used for a wide range of events and occasions. From corporate events to holiday parties, our White Ceiling Drape and Stainless Steel Hanging Hoop Hardware Kit is a versatile and essential addition to your event decor collection. Elevate your next event with this elegant and easy-to-use ceiling decoration kit.

Additional Information:

  • Uses: Wedding Favor, Party Favor, Birthday, Event, Decoration, Stage Decoration
  • NOTE: Other decoration and lighting is NOT INCLUDED


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Very easy to use
real user review Hanging Hoop Ring Hardware For 8-Panel Ceiling Drapes and FREE Tool Kit - 24
I purchased this to bring a new element to my event decorating business. It was very easy to use, and totally transformed the space.
Jessica M.
Verified Buyer
I bought a while back but haven’t used yet. My son & daughter are getting married & am excited to use this. It looks just as described. Just hate how much it’s going to cost to buy the curtain drapes after spending so much on just the frame. Although it is a very beautiful piece. Easy to assemble.
Verified Buyer
4 panel white ceiling drapes
Hi I received one 20 stainless steel center ceiling hoop. I did not receive 4 panels of 10x20 feet white sheer curtains.
Laura L.
Verified Buyer
One of a kind. Elegant and stylish that lit the room.
Lettie P.
Verified Buyer
Help please
real user review Hanging Hoop Ring Hardware For 4-Panel Ceiling Drapes and FREE Tool Kit 20
is there a video to help with the assembly ?
Reymundo L.
Verified Buyer
More than I could have
More than I could have imagined Beautiful
Gregory Y.
Verified Buyer
Have not used items yet
Have not used items yet
Paulette T.
Verified Buyer
Great Product
Ceiling draping kit was easy to use. Tool kit was definitely beneficial.
Raychele G.
Verified Buyer
Hoop ceiling
I haven’t use it yet.
Mariama E.
Verified Buyer
real user review Hanging Hoop Ring Hardware For 12-Panel Ceiling Drapes and FREE Tool Kit - 30
We purchased this to create a draped ceiling for the prom held in our gymnasium. We bought yards and yards of taffeta in multi colors to create the effect that we wanted. This hoop was so perfect and provided a framework to hang the ceiling from in the easiest manner possible.
Lori M.
Verified Buyer