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Personalized Boxes

Nothing can enhance the charm of your favors better than having your heart-felt feelings and emotions imprinted on them. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to spend a great deal of time into personalizing each keepsake yourself with a memorable inscription, ending up with extra work and leftover trash. With efavormart, you’ll just need to pick a set of cardboard personalized boxes from our collection, tell us what kind of print you’d like to see, and wait for your order to come! 

Depending on whether you’re into classics or a contemporary style, you can choose between our personalized cake boxes with hinged lids or our personalized 2.5 x 1.5 favor boxes with removable lids – both options are available in different sizes to fit any keepsake. Meanwhile, we’ll help you quench your thirst for exotic styles with our charming personalized Sacchetto box, personalized heart basket, or personalized wrap box with a clear plastic side to show off your special mementos.

The variety of shapes, which range from traditional rectangles to cardboard replicas of real-life objects, can amaze even the most sophisticated brides or event planners. On top of that, to “sparkle up” your favors, you can opt for personalized diamond letters tote favor box instead of traditional foil-printed options. Whichever personalized box you choose, doubt not – it’ll make a perfect match with our ribbons, bows, flowers, and other decoration supplies from efavormart!

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