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100 Pack Personalized Satin Drawstring Wedding Favor Bags 5"x7"

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  • Custom Printed
  • Diamond Letters

Quantity: 100 Satin Bags
Custom Printed 5" x 7" Drawstring Bags
Fillable Size: 5" x 6"
Hot foil printing, not laser/machine engraved.
Can only print Regular English Alphabet, Numbers, and Symbols, ( ) ? ! : $ " , @ # / - &'
Please be informed that letters with accent on them (such as: á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, ü) will be converted to the regular English Alphabet.
Note: We don’t do Custom Logos.


Do you wish to give your wedding favors in an elegant manner, and also the way that reflects your style and festive ecstasy? Well! These lustrous custom drawstring bags are the best option available to fulfill your fashion urge. These trendy candy bags have a glamorous gloss that is so eye-catching, while the foil printed text, a sweet message, or a love note of your choice further heightens their charm. Just fill these wedding party favors with delectable treats like chocolates, candies, nuts or sweet knick-knacks for the delight of your guests. These satin drawstring bags can be tied with two attractive satin double pull ribbon knots at the ends for secure keeping.

Additional Information:

  • Custom printed 5" x 7" drawstring bags.
  • Fillable size is 5" x 6".
  • The printing on the bags are done with 18pt letter size.
  • Note: Caps takes up 1.5 character spaces.

The personalized wedding favors give larger color selection than the velvet and more colors are printable on the satin bags.

Maximum character limits does include spaces, please do not go over the maximum character limits. If it will require revisions, it will delay production of your order. Please count the number of characters yourself to avoid delays. Hot foil printing, not laser/machine engraved.

Characters = letters, symbols, spaces.

Text Imprint Guideline.
    * We will print EXACTLY as you enter.
    * Exception: if all CAPS due to CAPS taking 1.5 spacing, if and only if we cannot fit the entire line in CAPS,
       we will change to lower case letters.
    * We will NOT check for spelling errors, mistypes, or print color combinations.
    * Please make sure to review the order carefully prior to order confirmation.


* Can only print regular english alphabet, numbers, and the following symbols,  ( ) ? ! : $ " , @ / - &

* Please be informed that letters with accent on them (such as: á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, ü) will be converted to regular English alphabet.

* If it's not listed here, then unfortunately, we are unable to print it. Not able to do foreign characters, symbols, accents. Sorry, not able to do custom logos.


This is the time required for production of your personalized item BEFORE shipping, and does not include actual transit time. Please allow yourself enough time for the additional production time you've chosen.

Uses: Weddings, Birthdays, Party, Baby Shower, Gift Bags, Favor Bags, Candy Bags, and other Wedding Favor Ideas


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I love these bags!
I use these bags in my small business and they really help elevate my brand experience. My customers enjoy receiving them.
Monique S.
Verified Buyer
Five Stars from Ca'Mora
I love these bags. The personalization is on point. I insert items purchased in my store in these cute bags. The look elevates my brand and my customers love them. One customer loved them so much that she posted the attached photo! Thank you for doing such a great job and making me look FABULOUS!
Monique S.
Verified Buyer
Gold bag fit for a wonderful retreat
Wonderful customized gold bags. I used these when putting together customized gift boxes for a business customer. She and the women who attended her retreat loved the aesthetics of the presentation. The gold bags elevate the elegance of my products.
Monique S.
Verified Buyer
The bags are so beautiful, the color is almost exactly like the sample online. I really love the custom print on the bags. I saw no misprints or issues on any of them. Very satisfied!
Verified Buyer
Personalized satin strings bags
real user review 100 Pack Personalized Satin Drawstring Wedding Favor Bags 5
I totally loved it. Has more space than I Expected. Will definitely check this store
Abiokpoyanam B.
Verified Buyer
Well worth it
real user review 100 Pack Personalized Diamond Letter Satin Wedding Favor Bags with Drawstring 5
Our wedding gift bags were absolutely beautiful..
Verified Buyer
Beautiful Bags
The satin bags I purchased are perfect for my event in July. The bags are black with gold writing and they are awesome.
Janet T.
Verified Buyer
Wonderful Wedding Addition
real user review 100 Pack Personalized Satin Drawstring Wedding Favor Bags 5
I used these drawstring pouches for my wedding favors and absolutely loved them. The color and the text were done so great. My wedding guests were impressed by them. Would totally recommend these. They are awesome.
Antonia S.
Verified Buyer
real user review 100 Pack Personalized Satin Drawstring Wedding Favor Bags 5
marcella g.
Verified Buyer
These Gift Pouches are Great
real user review 100 Pack Personalized Satin Drawstring Wedding Favor Bags 5
I use them and love them , the drawing string and stamping of message is well done.
Irelia I.
Verified Buyer