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Polka Dots Table Runners

Polka Dots Table Runners

It’s no secret that nothing says voguish like polka dots. Since the 1920s, this playful, feminine design has been topping the charts. If lovely circular shapes make your heart beat faster, then our groovy dots table runners (a modern take on the traditional polka dots) will surely blow you away. Made of premium organza styled with “mischievous” velvet dots, our polka dot table runners are a perfect blend of an airy sheerness and soft texture.

Available in an extensive selection of colors, these pieces of translucency will beautify any event or interior. Thus, if you think that a black and white table runner will overshadow your favorite tablecloth, don’t spend a fortune on new black and white polka dot linens - our black groovy dots table runner will be a perfect compromise. To coordinate your white curtains with gold polka dots or to complement your white and gold polka dot curtains, you can’t go wrong with our gold groovy dots table runner. Likewise, you can easily satisfy your cravings for a pink and gold polka dot table cover. Swooning over white fabric with pink dots? You can spread our fashionable pink groovy dots table runner over your already groovy linens, and throw in stylish napkins, show-white plates, and crystal clear glasses for a memorable presentation.

Wondering how else our polka dot style products can meet your needs? Check our selection of polka dot runners at efavormart to find more options to drape your plain tables!

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