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108 Inch | Linen Round Tablecloth, Slubby Textured Wrinkle Resistant Tablecloth - Blush | Rose Gold
108 inch Yellow Polyester Round Tablecloth
108 inches Champagne Polyester Round Tablecloth
Sold Out
120" | 200 GSM
120" Black 220 GSM Seamless Premium Polyester Round Tablecloth
Buffalo Plaid Tablecloth | 120 inch Round | White/Black | Checkered Gingham Polyester Tablecloth
120" White Round Polyester Floral Lace Tablecloth
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132" Ivory 220 GSM Seamless Premium Polyester Round Tablecloth
132" ROYAL BLUE Wholesale Polyester Round Tablecloth For Wedding Banquet Restaurant
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132" RED Wholesale Polyester Round Tablecloth For Wedding Banquet Restaurant
$12.49 $18.99
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54inch x54inch Hunter Emerald Green Polyester Square Tablecloth With Gold Foil Geometric Pattern
54x54 inch Polyester Square Tablecloth With Gold Foil Geometric Pattern - Blush | Rose Gold
90" x 90"
90" Coral Square Polyester Tablecloth
50"x120" Royal Blue Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth
54" x 96"
54x96 White Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth
54" x 96"
54x96 Black Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth
60x102 inches White Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth With Gold Foil Geometric Pattern
60inch x 102inch Apple Green Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth
60"x126" Silver Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth
Polyester Tablecloth, Rectangular Tablecloth, Table Decoration
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90 x 132 inches Natural Linen Rectangular Tablecloth | Slubby Textured Wrinkle Resistant Tablecloth
90"x132" Peacock Teal Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth
90"x156" White Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth
90" x 156"
Buffalo Plaid Tablecloths | 90"x156" Rectangular | White/Red | Checkered Polyester Linen Tablecloth
90 Inch x 156 Inch | Ivory Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth | eFavorMart

Polyester Rectangle Tablecloths


Whether it is a wedding or an outdoor bash, make no mistake, your tablecloth will get all sorts of stains and crumbs. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend your entire decoration budget on table covers that won’t last more than one gathering. If you’re looking for durable yet classy table linen at a reasonable price, don’t hesitate to check out our brilliant collection of affordable polyester rectangle tablecloths.

Available in an extensive array of colors and sizes, our sturdy yet elegant polyester tablecloths will not only spruce up your venue décor but will also withstand any heavy-duty usage. If you don’t find naked table legs visually appealing, we can help you solve this problem with our 90x132’’ polyester tablecloths – just pick the perfect hue to complement your party color palette. Looking for a more relaxed and serene ambiance?  Dress up your table with our picnic-inspired checkered polyester rectangular linenAlternatively, our seamless premium polyester tablecloths will make the decoration process even easier. Whatever you choose, you can combine these linens with our napkins, centerpieces, chair covers, and beyond to enhance the sophistication of your tablescape.

Last but not least, all efavormart polyester tablecloths are easy to maintain – all of them are wrinkle-resistant and machine washable. Thus, if you want to save your time and money, but not at the expense of quality and elegance, consider our selection of rectangle table covers!

Polyester Round Tablecloths 


It’s not news that round tables are an excellent choice for any event, as they create enough space for people to walk around, facilitate better personal interaction, and enhance venue décor. However, having the tables available is only half the battle – the hardest part begins with choosing the right tablecloth. If you’re looking for something practical, budget-friendly, and extremely classy, choose from our large collection of polyester round tablecloths.

With a wide selection of colors, patterns, and sizes, our round table clothes are a perfect investment for multipurpose use. For casual events, consider our 90’’ round tablecloth. If you are planning an upscale sit-down occasion, look no further than our 120’’ round tablecloth. As for our checkered gingham polyester picnic tablecloth, it will bring back the memories of your picnic times by the riverside even if the nearest river is miles away. To achieve a distinct style, combine our linens with matching overlays, napkins, floral centerpieces, or any number of goodies in our enormous selection of decorations from efavormart.

Unlike many fabrics that start to fade with repeated washings, our 100% polyester round tablecloths are extremely durable when washed frequently. In addition, you don’t need to spend too much time caring for these linens, as they are wrinkle-resistant and will look smooth with just some minor ironing. Whether you are looking to spruce up your wedding, anniversary, or dinner party, our huge collection of budget-friendly polyester tablecloths is certainly worth your attention!

Polyester Square Tablecloths


If you can’t find a cheap, practical, and stylish square tablecloth, there’s no reason to give up this idea and opt for more expensive linens that can barely withstand a couple of events. At efavormart, we can fulfill all your tablecloth needs with our collection of cheap polyester square tablecloths!

With a large variety of sizes and shapes, our universal wrinkle-free tablecloths will dress up any event or space. If you still believe that polyester is suitable only for informal bashes, our elegant and “royal” 90” polyester square linen tablecloth will prove otherwise. Planning a Sunday brunch? Our checkered gingham polyester picnic square tablecloth will suit this occasion – just remember to select the color and size to fit your table and venue decorations. You can also make set-up and removal a snap with our stunning seamless polyester square linen tablecloth. Have a round table cover, but it looks a bit plain? Let your creativity run free and spread our square tablecloth on your round table linen to enhance the visual appeal of your banquet table.

Available in royal blue, “mouth-watering” chocolate, coral, turquoise, and beyond, our wholesale square linens won’t fade after multiple machine washings and repeated use. On top of that, all our polyester tablecloths are kid-friendly – due to their stain-resistant properties, easy cleaning will remove any “footprints” of your heavy-duty merriments. Not sure what exactly you need? Check out the full selection of our square tablecloths for sale!  

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