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Throughout Europe, Tuscany Italy was our favorite not only for its vast beautiful outdoors, but also for giving birth to unrivaled masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante and many other heroes of the Renaissance and Rebirth periods. Thus, we've tailored linens that are sturdy in the outdoors as well as capable of maintaining beauty when used repeatedly indoors.

Tuscany-inspired Linens using High Quality Polyester that are 230gsm instead of the standard 180gsm. And just like the works of the masters of Tuscany, these linens will last and stay beautiful with time. Also, the Tuscany-Inspired Collection is a Proud Member of eFavorMart's ***Masterpiece-Quality Linen Collection***

Special Features of High-Quality Tuscany-Linens

- Can handle abuse and repeated washing leading to Longer Lifespan
- Color does not fade after multiple uses and washing
- Despite thickness and heavier weight, this fabric will be soft and pleasant to the touch
- Cloth draping stays natural and elegant after multiple use and washing - Hemmed edges ensures an even longer life and prevents damages from washing

*Note: This HIGH QUALITY item can be used daily, especially meant for Award-winning Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts*