Prepackaged Favors

Prepackaged Favors


How to make a gift as simple as a wedding favor be tremendously valued and entirely unique? Choose a functional wedding favor instead! All of these favors give a new meaning to "giveaways"! Our goal is to offer the widest selection of quality and unique Prepackaged Favors for all of the milestones you love to share and celebrate with friends and family. You will not only find one-of-a-kind prepackaged favors, but they are also very usable as well. Instead of giving out edible wedding favors that lose their significance once devoured, go for favors that can be used daily.

Among these functional prepackaged favors we are raving about is our scented rose shaped soap which are perfect for a potpourri dish or an elegant looking table decor. Spread these flower soap petals on your beautiful table linen, and change your banquet table into a sweet-smelling rose bed. Grant these to your esteemed guests in their fantastically created and ribbon embellished rose shaped soap as a loving memento for weddings, anniversaries, showers, or birthdays. Your visitors will marvel at these flower soap petals charming souvenirs of love that look quite pricy yet won't cost much!

Our wedding favor cookie cutters are made of high-quality stainless steel and is packed in a clear gift box to display its elegance and shine. Our wedding favor wine stoppers are chrome double heart-shaped and emphasize a bedazzling silver coating that gleams like diamonds when bared to light. In this huge collection, you can find wedding bubbles favors, bubbles for wedding favors, wedding favour candles cheap, etc that can add a personal touch to your special days like weddings, birthdays, parties, etc.

Efavormart offers everything you need to set the spirit of your party, including backdrops, table linens, vases, candleholders, hanging decors, and table embellishments. Like some of our personalized favor bags and boxes, most of our ribbons can be personalized as well. And our dainty, floral decor is the great accent to your wedding and bridal shower.

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