20 Pack Gold Silver Sequin Teddy Bear Keychain Party Favors with White Organza Bags and Thank You Tags - 3"

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Quantity: 20 Keychains w/ Favor Bags and Tags
Item Includes:
  • 20x Keychains (10 of each color)
  • 20x Organza Favor Bags
  • 20x Tags
Keychain Material: Sequin | Metal
Color: Gold | Silver
Style: Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Size: 3"L x 2.5"W
Key Ring Diameter: 1.2"
Tag Type: Paper w/ "Thank You for Celebrating With Us" Print
Tag Size: 2"W x 4"L
Favor Bag Type: White Organza Drawstring Bag
Favor Bag Size: 3.5"W x 4.75"L
Features: Double Sided Sequins, Smooth Surface, Sturdy, Long Lasting Use
Can be attached to keys, cellphones, handbags, backpacks, and more!


Gold Silver Sequin Teddy Bear Keychain Party Favors

Gold Silver Sequin Teddy Bear Keychain Party Favors

Add a sprinkle of sparkle to your next celebration with our Gold Silver Sequin Teddy Bear Keychain Party Favors. These adorable keychains feature a charming teddy bear adorned with shimmering gold and silver sequins, perfect for adding a touch of glamour and fun to any party setting. Their delightful design captures the light, creating a mesmerizing effect that is sure to capture the hearts of your guests.

Each teddy bear keychain comes thoughtfully packaged in a delicate white organza bag, enhancing its presentation and making it instantly gift-ready. These bags not only protect the keychains but also add an elegant touch, making each favor feel special and treasured. The soft, translucent fabric of the organza bag allows the glittering sequins to shine through, adding a magical touch to your event’s décor.

Accompanied by customizable 'Thank You' tags, these keychains allow you to add a personal note or name, making them an ideal keepsake for guests. Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, or birthday party, these keychains serve as a heartfelt memento of your special day. You can easily write on the tags or print them with special messages, adding a personalized touch that enhances the emotional value of each favor.

Versatile Gold Silver Keychain Party Favors

Versatile Gold Silver Keychain Party Favors

The versatility of these keychains makes them perfect for various occasions. Use them as party favors, small gifts, or even as adorable decorations. Attach them to backpacks, purses, or keys to carry a little joy and sparkle wherever you go. Their cute and compact design makes them a hit among both children and adults, providing a universal appeal.

Crafted for durability, these teddy bear keychains are designed to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use. The sequins are securely attached to ensure they stay sparkling and intact, making these keychains a long-lasting token of your event. The sturdy keychain loop is reliable, ensuring that the teddy bear remains a functional and fashionable accessory for the long haul.

The inclusion of the white organza bags not only provides a beautiful presentation but also makes distribution effortless. Guests can easily take their favors home, ensuring that the charm and magic of your event follow them. These bags also simplify your party planning, as they come ready to distribute, saving you time and effort.

Practical Gold Silver Teddy Bear Keychain

Practical Gold Silver Teddy Bear Keychain

The practical size of these keychains ensures they are convenient yet noticeable. They're small enough to fit in a pocket or a purse but big enough to make an impact with their shiny sequins and charming design. This balance of practicality and presence makes them an ideal choice for those looking to make a statement with their party favors.

These teddy bear keychains are an affordable way to add a luxurious feel to your event without breaking the bank. They offer a universally appealing charm that guests of all ages will appreciate and enjoy. The affordability does not compromise their quality or aesthetic appeal, ensuring that you provide a premium party favor that feels much more expensive than it actually is.

By choosing our Gold Silver Sequin Teddy Bear Keychain Party Favors, you’re not just giving away a simple gift; you’re providing a sparkling symbol of appreciation that will remind guests of your special occasion for years to come. Elevate your event with these enchanting favors and create lasting memories with a touch of sparkle. Your guests will leave with a token that continues to reflect the joy and beauty of the day, every time they glance at their delightful new accessory.

Additional Information:

  • The Listing is for Teddy Bear Keychains with Favor Bags and "Thank You" Tags only, other decorative accessories are not included.
  • Uses: Kids Theme Parties, Valentine's Day, Easter, Children's Day, Birthday Parties and Baby Shower.